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CP-4002 Series Heavy-Duty Stationary Compactors

CP-4002 Series Heavy-Duty Stationary Compactors

SP Industries has introduced the CP-4002 heavy-duty stationary compactor. With a dual cylinder design and dozens of customizable features, these industrial compactors are ideal for handling packaging materials, wooden skids, crates and process scrap in warehouses, transfer stations and in large retail outlets, as well as for heavy industrial and institutional uses.

Standard features include a multi-cycle timer, automatic safety retract, a free-standing power unit and a keyed pinning/boost override system with side-mounted controls.

Units are also customizable to meet unique customer needs. The CP-4002 has dozens of optional features such as a rear-load hopper with interlocked gate, a side-load security chute through wall ratchet binder assemblies, a photo eye start system and strobe warning light. SP Industries says they have 30 years of exclusive engineering and manufacturing expertise in designing and building a full range of compactors for commercial and industrial use. All of the company’s compactors feature structural steel supports (versus formed steel), breaker bar rigidity, thrust beam design, a ram guide system and hydraulics. According to SP, packing more material into a container results in fewer hauls and the associated charges, and compaction keeps materials safely undercover and out of site, keeping debris in and scavengers out.

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