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The New Multistar L3: Rigorous Attention to Detail

The New Multistar L3: Rigorous Attention to Detail

For Komptech, the new Multistar L3 is a further improvement of its line of Multistar star screens, motivated by the idea that even excellence can be made better. As always, superior customer utility is at the centre of this innovative redesign.

It is certainly no exaggeration to say that the Multistar L3 is one of the most successful star screens on the market. There are three primary factors behind this success. The first is the throughput, which is the best in its class. This is based on Komptech's specially developed "coarse before fine screening" concept. Along with top throughput, this also has a major influence on screening quality. The screen decks with their rubber stars and the patented Cleanstar cleaning system give the L3 an output quality that no competitor can match.

And then there's the energy efficiency, which is more and more important in this day and age. All machine components are electrically driven. The power can come from the grid for the lowest cost, or from the on-board generator.

So far so good - but Komptech wouldn't be the technology leader it is if it didn't continue to improve its machines, to make them more efficient and thereby "greener" in line with the company philosophy. The ideas come from partners and customers who notice just what could be improved in the course of their daily work.

Even more effective, even more flexible

Higher flexibility, simpler maintenance, more toughness, intuitive operation, new design - these are the major features of the new L3. It has the same coarse and fine screen deck dimensions as its predecessor, and delivers exactly the same throughput. But there is a key difference - the new cartridge design of the screen decks means they can be removed and switched in a very short time. This simple removal makes maintenance, conversion and particle size changes easier, and represents a major increase in the machine's flexibility, especially in terms of grain size.

Higher flexibility includes improved mobility. On the new L3 the towbar is now on the opposite side, where the oversize fraction is ejected. That frees up the medium grain discharge side, greatly simplifying in-line operation with a Stonefex stone separator or Hurrikan wind sifter. The oversize fraction can still be removed without problems, since the towbar folds up against the machine when in working position.

The new design underlines the modern character of the L3 with its even easier maintenance access. The access doors are placed so that maintenance is simplicity itself. But that’s not all. The chain drives are now placed opposite the drive motors, so there is no longer any need to remove the motors to replace chains or chain sprockets. Thanks to the slip-on gears and torque support the machine no longer needs clutches, and the motors no longer need to be aligned, making for faster and easier maintenance.

The service life of individual components likewise affects maintenance. So we gave it larger screen shaft bearing pins, larger and reinforced bearings, bigger chain sprockets and a duplex chain for the fine screen deck - refinements that show that Komptech is always thinking about the details. The sturdy feed hopper can be raised manually or hydraulically for maintenance purposes, another way we make things easier,

since that gives full access to the lower run chain conveyor as well as the entire length of the fine screen deck.

The new fines discharge conveyor fulfils several requirements at once. The one-piece design prevents material trickle at transfer points, while also giving high capacity. As a result it can run at lower speed, requiring less power and much less wear.

The new layout of the control panel is state of the art. Its intuitive menu guidance and easily understood symbols make operation easier and safer.

Multistar – multifunctional as well as clean

As before, the new Multistar L3 can be fitted with numerous options that expand its range of applications. This includes a longer coarse screen deck, wind sifter for the medium and coarse conveyors, hydraulic engine unit extension, magnetic and roller separator on the discharge conveyors, and much more.

Komptech green efficiency products are distinguished by their outstanding energy efficiency and minimal noise and exhaust emissions. Generator motors complying with the latest exhaust scrubbing regulations are available for the L3 and all other Komptech star screens. Accordingly, all will now bear the green efficiency logo.

Proven, efficient, clean technology, further refined and improved - the new Multistar L3 will without doubt continue in the successful footsteps of its predecessor.

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