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Maintaining Magnetic Drum Separators

Maintaining Magnetic Drum Separators

Ferrous Processing & Trading (FP&T) sells and brokers more than 2.5 million tons of recyclable metals to the auto and steel industry annually – positioning the Detroit based company as one of the top scrap recyclers in the United States.

What began as a small, family-owned scrap recycling operation in Pontiac, Michigan in 1904 has now grown into a premiere processor and seller of scrap metals of all kinds: from massive auto shredding operations and specialty steelmaking and foundry products to nonferrous metals and industrial scrap management.

Keeping up with the constant ebb and flow of materials coming into each FP&T facility requires recycling processing equipment that has the ability to run 24/7 with minimal downtime. FP&T’s trained maintenance staff can determine when machinery is up for routine repair work, but it also helps to have an outside crew ready to assist when jobs are difficult to tackle in-house.

Due to harsh conditions, there is a frequent need for maintenance work on the array of magnetic drum separators (or scrap drums) housed in each FP&T facility. To keep up with demand, FP&T often relies on outside maintenance assistance to help with scrap drum repairs.

The task of keeping FP&T’s scrap drums running smoothly frequently falls to Erie, Pennsylvania-based Eriez and its 5-Star Service team. FP&T has established a working relationship with Eriez dating back at least a decade, according to Don Lyons, maintenance manager for FP&T’s Engineering Division.

“We’re pushing thousands of tons of scrap metal through the drums on a monthly basis because of our strong steel division,” says Lyons. “Those magnets need some TLC and they are not something you want to buy new if you can avoid it. We handle some routine work in-house, but the major work we just give to the Eriez 5-Star Service Center.”

The scrap drums are used in practically all phases of FP&T’s operations. In fact, the company says the combination of processing innovations and supply of manufacturing scrap allows for the development of a variety of high-value specialty re-melting products for steelmaking and foundry customers.

According to 5-Star Service Center manager Jim Lasko, Eriez’ 5-Star Service offers regular equipment checks, in-plant certifications and detailed reports, all to help customers minimize equipment problems and achieve maximum productivity. “Checking equipment on a routine basis can identify equipment problems before they occur and reduce production downtime caused by broken equipment,” he says.

“Our 5-Star team is ready to do whatever it takes to address customers’ issues and limit costly downtime,” Lasko explains. “We use original OEM parts, remanufacture equipment to original specifications and offer ‘as new’ warranties. Eriez’ fully-staffed 5-Star Service Center employs trained technicians plus the machining, fabricating and welding capabilities necessary to rebuild all Eriez equipment quickly and easily.” When sending equipment to the Erie 5-Star Service Center is not a feasible option, Eriez’ team travels to customer facilities to provide on-site services.

Keeping FP&T’s drums up to maximum operating status is an ongoing procedure at all of the company’s facilities, mainly located in Michigan, Ohio, Florida and Ontario, Canada. “We’ve been running large mag drums for 15 years now,” says Lyons. “Eriez has served each of these drums several times. They are always in contact with us, so there is no guessing as to what needs to be done.”

“It all depends on the job size as to what gets handled at the Service Center,” Lyons notes. “They can take the entire drum apart if needed or pull a shaft to repair or fix a burnt-out wire. In each case, the drum is resurfaced and repainted and we get it back in about a three to four-week turnaround.”

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