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New CM Hybrid Primary Shredder

The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder
The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder

The CM Hybrid Primary Shredder is a primary shredder which can process passenger car, truck, and super singles as well as farm and off road tires. Precut mining tires can also be processed with this machine. The Hybrid comes equipped with twin 75 horsepower (150kW) gear motors. This feature provides very low energy consumption running at low RPM’s with high torque to process these oversized tires with ease.

CM boasts the machines ability to accept a modified version of its patented fixed rotor design with removable rotor technology making this shredder one of the most versatile machines in the industry. Depending on the application, the machine can be fitted with removable rotors equipped with CM patented Holman knives for producing clean cut TDF for the cement and energy industry. For other applications one piece shear blades can be used for processing contaminated tyres or for pre-shredding applications when material size and exposed wire are not critical. CM has also introduced its new “Secure Lock” system which increases the clamping pressure to secure the knife group in the cutting box which increases knife tolerances for cleaner cuts.

The benefits of these new features are evident by the overwhelming popularity of the machine by all segments of the industry worldwide. The first Hybrid Shredder was tested and installed over a year ago in the US and is being operated along with other CM equipment on site by one of the premier producers of high quality refined rubber products. The company produces its own crumb rubber for commercial flooring, sport surfaces and sound insulation products. The CM Hybrid processes 100% truck and OTR tyres into 4-6 inch pieces, ideal feedstock for the CM4R Liberator which cleanly removes the steel from the rubber fraction creating clean wire free rubber. The crumb is then processed by the CM Dual Drive™ Crackermill yielding high quality fine powders that are used in all of the company’s product lines.

A second CM Hybrid Shredder has been sold into France as part of a complete processing line to produce tyre derived fuel for the cement industry. CM outfitted this shredder with a different knife configuration utilizing a combination of CM knives and shear blades to produce the clean cut feedstock for the second shredder that will together generate impressive tonnage ranging from 12-14 tonnes per hour of TDF.

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