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Electric-powered stationary scrap handler trouble-free after one year

Electric-powered stationary scrap  handler trouble-free after one year

In April 2013, an E-crane, 700 Series Model 4290 was installed for American Shredder at the company’s facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The new E-Crane is 100-percent electric powered, using a 110-kW (150-hp) electric motor, and is used for unloading trucks and feeding a 3,000-hp shredder, among other tasks. The unit has a maximum outreach of 29 metres (95 feet), a lifting range of 35.5 metres (116.5 feet), and a duty cycle capacity of 5.5 metric tons (6.1 US tons).

Looking back approximately one year since their purchase, American Shredder says they appreciate the fact that the high main pivot height of the E-Crane gives their operators great visibility into the shredder and over the entire scrap yard operation. Plus, the ergonomic, multi-function joysticks inside the operator cab allow for precise and proportional control of all functions, including the grab.

Additionally, according to E-Crane International USA, because this material handler is mounted on a four-leg, stationary pedestal, it does not travel and requires none of the usual expenses incurred by mobile scrap handlers. American Shredder says they selected the E-Crane to optimize their scrap yard for a variety of reasons, including its high efficiency and low operation costs. Another reason was that their yard is situated on less than two acres. Due to the E-Crane’s ability to stockpile scrap higher than conventional material handlers, less land is required for scrap storage.

E-Crane says their scrap handling machine’s unique, balanced design, will increase longevity by limiting wear and lowering maintenance costs, and because this latest crane runs on clean electric energy, it eliminates the need for diesel fuel.

In a new Video Case Study featuring the 700 Series Model 4290 E-Crane on the job at American Shredder (available at E-Crane International USA’s President Mark Osborne says the 4290 “...covers a wide operating area...and can replace two to three of the normal, diesel-powered, mobile material handlers.” Osborne goes on to say that since installed at American Shredder’s Fort Worth facility, the 700 Series 4290 E-Crane “...has been completely trouble-free.

“It runs normally ten hours a day, longer than any other equipment here on site, and it’s been 100-percent reliable.

“It’s proven to be a good investment for American Shredder and we’re proud to be a part of this project.”

Rick Kennedy, Operations Manager for American Shredder, explains how he feels about their E-Crane; “We’re up to processing about 250- to 275-tons per day of shredded steel. The biggest advantage is that it’s a fixed machine. Usually with scrap handling cranes, your biggest maintenance issues are the travelling gear. There is no travelling gear on this thing. It’s just lifting, with 100-foot reach.” And Kennedy agrees; “it’s trouble-free.”

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