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Eriez introduces Metal Loss Monitor

Eriez introduces Metal Loss Monitor

The new Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) from Eriez is designed as a powerful solution that enables operators to determine the quantity of valuable metals that are passing through their scrap yard unrecovered. It continually scans the residue stream for metal that has escaped the process and is headed for landfill disposal.    

The Eriez Metal Loss Monitor takes the guesswork out of metal recovery, giving users the ability to observe the performance of their system for variations over time. With the MLM in place, maintenance issues and adjustment requirements are quickly spotted. The data gathered also offers beneficial insight needed to properly evaluate whether additional or different separators should be incorporated to reduce metal losses.  

 Eriez’ says their Data Acquisition and Reporting package opens up endless opportunities for trend analysis and statistical process control. All data is instantly visible to anyone, anywhere, and any time via Eriez remote reporting, through which text alerts are immediately sent when losses rise above a prescribed number.     

The Eriez Metal Loss Monitor can be positioned upstream to provide hand-picking assistance. An optional ink marker system alerts pickers of locations to search for lost metal. Alternatively, it can be placed downstream of pickers before the bunker. Downstream positioning gives supervisors the ability to track pickers’ performance, provide incentives and accurately assess how many pickers are necessary.   

Metal that passes the monitor produces an alarm signal (horn/beacon) and the event is recorded in a data file.   

“We developed the MLM to give scrap yard managers the knowledge they need to diagnose specific weaknesses in their system,” says Mike Shattuck, Eriez Product Manager – Recycling Equipment.

“One of the intended goals is to gradually lower the pre-set threshold and reduce the physical count of metals escaping the process.” He adds; “The MLM supports our ongoing efforts and dedication to improving grade/recovery curve by providing absolute feedback on recovery performance.” 

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