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RevX-E revised with eccentric magnetic rotor

RevX-E revised with eccentric magnetic rotor

The RevX-E, Eriez’ most recent addition to its extensive line of Eddy Current Separators, features a new eccentric magnetic rotor design. The new design brings greater recovery of valuable nonferrous metals in ASR, cullet, plastics, secondary metals and incineration ash applications.

RevX-E’s eccentric rotor design features a smaller diameter magnetic rotor offset at the top of a larger outer shell. This allows the rotor’s repelling force to focus in the area closest to that outer shell. Although the eccentric rotor radiates a more focused surface area for separation, Eriez says this new design reduces ferrous build-up by releasing it from the belt after it has passed through the field. 

The change in rotor design and overall improvements in the RevX-E creates several advantages and benefits for this Eddy Current Separator. The rare earth rotor produces a powerful focused field, allowing greater recovery of nonferrous metal. The rotor position is adjustable for optimum separation, and the eccentric design reduces long-term wear from ferrous build-up. Additionally, the new eccentric rotor design is compact, requires less space and is easier to install in most plant operations. Plus, access panels are conveniently located for ease of service.

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