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Liebherr LH 80 M scrap handlers

Liebherr LH 80 M scrap handlers

Introduced to North America in 2012, along with the model LH60M, the LH80M scrap handler features a new, more efficient Liebherr Tier-IV interim engine and Liebherr’s patented energy recovery cylinder.

The LH80M is ideal for heavy material handling in scrap yards and port operations. Units feature an operating weight of 167,990 to 172,180 pounds, engine output of 230 kW (308 hp) and grapple capacity of 1.83 to 3.27 cubic yards.

LH60M and LH80M machines replace Liebherr's A944C-HD and A954C-HD models. The new models remain much the same size as their predecessors with only minimal increase in service weight. The performance of the machines is improved with the introduction of new, more efficient Liebherr Tier-IV interim engines and Liebherr’s patented energy recovery cylinder making for greater lifting duties and improved productivity.  

The energy recovery cylinder is a nitrogen charged device which is located between the hoist cylinders at the base of the boom. Its principle is to assist with the boom-up function, taking less power from the engine and pumps, so allowing more hydraulic flow for other functions. When the boom is lowered, the cylinder recharges. When lifting the equipment the compressed gas supports the boom cylinders; when lowering the equipment, the gas is compressed in the energy recovery cylinder. Including this item within the standard build of the LH60M and LH80M has given Liebherr the opportunity to optimize engine output, usefully improving fuel consumption.  

The Liebherr D936 engine in the LH80M has a common-rail injection system, two-stage turbocharger, externally cooled exhaust gas recirculation and includes a standard particulate filter as part of its conforming to the Tier-IV (i) standard. The LH80M also benefits from more comprehensive catwalk and railing arrangements, increased swing speed and Liebherr PME Product Management Electronics which monitor all hydraulic and engine functions constantly with the stated aim of greater efficiency.  

Additionally, Liebherr Power Efficiency (LPE) allows for the more efficient interaction of perfectly matched components with reduced pump speed and less flow throughout the hydraulic system.  Engine management is optimized resulting in more efficient operation of drive train components; in particular, the reduced diesel engine speed reduces the fuel consumption as well as noise and exhaust emissions.   

Both LH60M and LH80M benefit from a fresh and exciting new upper-carriage design with a smooth finish to the counterweight surface, improved lighting design with high intensity bulbs and an enlarged fuel tank. The generator drive pump is now integrated within the hydraulic system. Steering, outriggers and swivel circuit functions are now taken care of by a variable displacement pump which replaces the previously installed gear type version. These new machines also have separate Load Sensing Control (LSC) valve blocks for the grapple rotation function, cab elevation (now proportionally controlled) and the LSC is also available if extra hydraulic circuits are specified for optional attachments.  

Over the next two years, Liebherr says it is the intention to replace all of the Liebherr industrial handling range with new LH models.

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