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Densification plant for pre-shredded metal scrap

Densification plant for pre-shredded metal scrap

This innovative plant from shredder manufacturer BANO, is engineered for the densification and valorization of pre-shredded metal scrap. The end product is a secondary raw material which is very pure and in conformity with the highest quality standards required by steel plants. 

These plants are versatile and suitable for the treatment of various products, both unshredded and shredded, including: ferrous scrap; cans; incinerator scrap; scrap from the treatment of industrial and urban selection lines; electrical and electronic waste; aluminium and copper scrap; pulp mill waste; and car bodies.

The plant presents several advantages for recyclers. It can be easily integrated into existing treatment lines, and it is modular and enlargeable. These plants also feature minimal tool wear, and low operational and maintenance costs.   

Pre-shredded metal scrap is loaded in Bano’s exclusive densifier which is made of a cutting chamber with a vertical rotor equipped with mobile ring hammers. The densifier mill is equipped with an ejection door which can be opened hydraulically for the discharge of unshreddable or heavy pieces (without stopping the machine and production). The prepared product is then brought to a magnetic separator and if necessary to a non-ferrous separation process.

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