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Bano’s first mobile system – the MAC-S 28-70 HYDRO

Engineered for truck mounting, the MAC-S 28-70 HYDRO is a hydraulically-driven, slow-speed single-shaft shredder suitable for the size reduction and calibration of a wide range of materials including: plastics, bulky urban and industrial wastes, electric cables, electronic appliances (WEEE), and wood. Units are engineered for versatility and high mobility, with compact dimensions (4 m high x 4 m wide).   

Scissor-effect of PREMAC Hydro provides perfect cut and constant size

The Bano PREMAC Hydro is designed to provide high performance in the shredding of a wide range of materials. The PREMAC Hydro uses a variable slow-speed single-shaft system, offering precise cutting, combined with a screen to set desired output size, and a hydraulic pusher for constant and self-regulated feeding.