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Precipitator line offers

Precipitator line offers

Operating on just 0.7 amps per 1,000 cfm of capacity, Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators offer one of the lowest-energy, highest-efficiency air cleaning technologies available, capturing up to 99.9% of submicron smokes, mists and emulsion oils using washable collection cells. Green advantages for the system include reusable collection cells, minimal fan size, low energy use, make-up air reduction, potential material recycling, and elimination of costs for filter media disposal and replacement. Smog-Hog mist collectors are available for indoor or outdoor use, for small source-capture applications down to 200 cfm, or large process exhaust streams up to 40,000 cfm. The Smog-Hog is ideal for meeting OSHA and EPA regulations regarding metalworking oil smoke and coolant mists, welding smoke, quenching smoke, plasticizers, cooking smoke, asphalt smoke and similar mists.

Smog-Hogs use electrostatic precipitation (ESP) to capture particles down to 0.01 microns in size. Depending on system configuration, various prefilters and/or mist-stop filters capture the largest particles first. Smaller particles are electronically charged in an ionizing section and then captured on closely spaced plates in a collecting cell, much the way lint is attracted to a wool suit by static electricity. Cleaned air can be recirculated into the plant, reducing make-up air requirements up to 80% to save energy, or the air can be released to atmosphere. Captured liquids drain from the collection cell for convenient disposal, reuse or recycling.

Unlike filtering devices, static pressure of the Smog-Hog is extremely low – about 0.25 inches W.G. – requiring only about 1 hp of fan energy per 1,000 cfm of system capacity. Thus, noise, total energy use, and operating cost are extremely low, and fan silencers are eliminated.

Smog-Hog systems can be used ducted or unducted, and smaller models can be mounted directly on machine-tool enclosures. The newest and smallest  model, the MSH , includes a variable speed control to minimize energy use and control air flow from 200-600 cfm. MSH units have a total energy input requirement of just 1.4 amps, and their large-capacity ESP cells capture up to four times the amount of machine fluid of similar sized devices. Larger SHN and SG models handle air volumes of 400-9,000 cfm. SHN and SG models can be machine mounted, but these units are more commonly ducted to machine enclosures or used unducted to clean and circulate air in specific zones of a plant. Many Smog-Hog units come with a high-efficiency mist-stop filter or can be equipped with it as an option. The mist-stop filter dramatically reduces the amount of mist and smoke passing through the precipitator's collecting cell, allowing the units to operate two to three times longer without maintenance.

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