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Windrow data logger

Reotemp’s latest model windrow data logger is designed to provide accurate, organized data, features a water-resistant sheath, custom ID tags and eliminates the need for clipboards.

Users simply load locations into the handheld unit (one-time setup), walk the windrows and record temperature data, upload the data into the computer software and export the data into an Excel spreadsheet for recordkeeping or printout.

Units are dust and drip-proof and come with a handheld datalogger, computer software, and 36-inch thermocouple probe. The temperature range is between -200C to 1,372C (-328F to 2501.6F), resolution is 0.1C (1F), and accuracy is < 1C. Data capacity is 5,000 items when in collector mode.

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10656 Roselle Street
San Diego, CA
US, 92121


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