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Model 3610 latest in“silent family”of balers

Due to recently developed silent hydraulics, Orwak has recently introduced “the silent family” line of balers with extremely low noise levels. According to their manufacturer, these quiet-running machines promote users’ ability to concentrate and facilitate oral communication, which contributes to improving the work environment.

Launched at the end of 2008, model 3610 is the latest addition to the silent family, and replaces the classic cardboard baler Orwak 3600. The 3610 is a very powerful machine – yet “soft spoken” with noise levels of only about 60 dB. To put this level into perspective, it compares to the noise level of a normal conversation which amounts to approximately 55 to 60 dB.

Model 3610 is now Orwak’s largest and strongest front-loading baler. Units feature a large loading aperture and high capacity for compaction of large volumes of waste. Voluminous cardboard wrappings and boxes are efficiently reduced up to 6:1, and cycle times on these units have decreased to 33 seconds. The 3610 also offers more efficient and convenient material handling and volume reduction over its predecessor. Units are suitable for environments where large amounts of waste are generated or where a baler is operated intensely during a specific time of the day. It is equipped with an autostart function that allows the baler to start compacting the material as soon as the door closes. The sliding door opens automatically after each completed cycle and the baler is immediately ready to be fed with more material. Plus, with a press force of 50 tons, the 3610 produces commercial bales, which weigh up to 550 kg. Bales can be secured by polyester straps or by steel wire and, due to their high density, offer optimal transport logistics for maximum payload per truck, as well as environmental benefits including reduced CO2 emissions.

An additional new feature of model 3610 is a switch that allows operators to quickly and easily change settings from high pressure “HP” for cardboard to low pressure “LP” for plastic foil. This function makes the baler more versatile and allows for more flexibility in the choice of materials to compact. The 50-ton-press force powerfully strikes and flattens a pile of cardboard, while the low 12.6-ton-press force is ideal for soft plastic.

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