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Mobile recycling has gained significant importance in the United Arab Emirates of late. Due to the scale of the construction projects taking place there – as with Abu Dhabi City, for example – the cost benefit from recycling waste construction materials on site is a clear argument in favour of using compact, mobile recycling machines.

Prior to the BIG5 Show 2008 (the Middle East’s International Building and Construction Show which took place last November, and saw over 58,000 visitors – www. the first Rubble Master RM80 was shipped to the Emirates. The first job took the compact crusher to Abu Dhabi City for a major project directly on the highway, opposite the Abu Dhabi Autodrome. This large-scale operation includes the development of a residential park for the Abu Dhabi Autodrome directly on the coastline of the Persian Gulf, as well as a Formula 1 circuit facility.

The job was a hire contract for Aldar Laing O’Rourke Construction LLC, one of the leading construction groups in the UAE. Aldar is well-known for its innovative site logistics: all materials extracted during construction are carefully separated on site and then reused wherever possible – including not only residual mineral masses, but wood and metal. Foreign matter such as plastic is also removed and taken for recycling. “Rubble Master fits in ideally with our extensive recycling concept,” said Brett Gay, Aldar’s senior logistics manager. “This project, like so many others, called for a cost-effective solution to recycle the residual ready mixed concrete left over from the large amounts required on site,” he continued. “The mobile RM80 with crawler gear enabled us for the first time to crush the hardened masses of concrete from the mixer and damaged cast concrete on site. The compact impact crusher achieves an average throughput of 130 t/h with a final grain size of 0/50 mm. We reuse this material to stabilise the site access roads.” Brett Gay was also particularly impressed by the patented Rubble Master OS80 oversize grain separator, which was used on the project to achieve a defined aggregate size in a single pass. “With the OS80 mobile oversize grain separator which is simply mounted on the discharge belt of the crusher, the broken concrete can be screened off to a particular grain size – in our case 0/25 mm,” he said. “Any oversized grain is transported via the refeeding belt back to the feed hopper to be crushed again. This means we can produce 100 t/h of 0/25 crushed concrete which we then use for backfilling. The crusher will be on site for eight days a month on average, processing some 10,000 tonnes of residual concrete. (After having the Rubble Master system in operation for two weeks) we can already see how much money we can save by not having to transport material to and from the job site!” Successful concepts of this kind catch on quickly. Following the BIG5 Show in Dubai last fall, two more RM80s were shipped to the Middle East in January – one destined for Bahrain, to an experienced construction group there, and the other to a large player in the Emirates.

Developed at the beginning of the 1990s, Rubble Master compact recyclers are high-performance, compact crushers – more than a thousand of which are now in operation around the globe. Thanks to their versatility, these units can process asphalt, concrete, general construction debris, as well as mineral production waste like ready mixed concrete and bricks, just as cost-effectively as natural stone. The impact crushers can even handle steel in the feed material with no trouble at all. Four models are available including the RM100, RM80, RM70 and RM60, with throughputs up to 200 tons per hour, depending on the material.

Plus, thanks to their compact dimensions and a transport weight between 12 and 28 tonnes, Rubble Master compact crushers and screens can be transported quickly to a job site, where they are ready for operation within 20 minutes. Radio remote control handles crushing and maneuvering operations as units move around the job site, and ensure reliable and safe operation by one person, from the digger.

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