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Worm bin composting system

Worm bin composting system
Worm composting is a highly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard into nutrient-rich compost for gardens. The Worm Factory and the Worm Box both utilize Red Wiggler worms and an upward migration concept to power their operation. This is a tack-able, multi-tray composting worm bin system whereby worms start by eating kitchen and paper scraps in the lowest tray. When food in the lower tray is exhausted, the worms migrate upward to find the next food source. By allowing worms to migrate upward, this system effectively separates worms from finished compost, which is then ready for plants and gardens. Gravity also pulls water down through the system, dragging nutrient-rich particles with it. This liquid fertilizer (“worm tea”) gathers in the collection tray where it is easily drained using a spigot. Plus, a ventilation lid allows proper ventilation for year round, odour free production, which makes these com-posters ideal for indoor or outdoor use.

Single trays as well as three, four and five-tray models are available. Both systems are expandable and units are available in multiple colours. Each tray holds 12.5 pounds of compost, and is made from recycled and food-grade plastics. Units can house eight to 12 thousand worms that consume five to eight pounds of food per week.

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404 Marie-Victorin Blvd. P.O. Box 30
Kingsey Falls, QC
CA, J0A 1B0


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