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Two-dimensional ATM technology now available at the scrapyard

Two-dimensional ATM technology now available at the scrapyard
Transact Payment Systems Inc, in partnership with NCR Corporation, recently installed the first (in the U.S.) 2-Dimensional (2D) bar code reading technology on a scrapyard automated teller machine (ATM).

Traditionally, Transact’s payment system has used magnetic striped cards and an NCR ATM to provide automated payment to customers bringing materials to a scrapyard for recycling. ATM’s remove the need to rely on cashiers to handle and manage cash, leading to significant improvements in security and operational ef-ficiency. Management also gains additional accountability in currency management. Customers simply access the ATM located at the site for immediate payment, and a database, still image and video record are maintained for each transaction.

NCR’s 2D bar code reader technology eliminates the need for scrapyards to issue plastic cards to their customers on site for payment redemption. Instead, customers receive a printed receipt that includes an encrypted bar code that can be read by a scanner-equipped ATM. The new 2D technology is significantly more difficult to copy than traditional one-dimensional bar codes (lines appear scrambled) and it can hold more information. This same technology is being used by the U.S. airline industry. “We recognized that scrap metal is typically purchased from peddlers who require payment in cash,” explains Ken Gruber, founder and president of Transact Payment Systems. “About ten years ago, we started supplying ATMs to the yards and enabling payment via a magnetic striped card. The bar code reader, redundant cash dispensers and coin changers offer a wide variety of advantages previously not available.” “As an NCR reseller, we can now accomplish this using new, high-quality ATMs with capabilities similar to those used by banks. This system is working very well for our customers and we look forward to expanding the offer globally.” “Much as it did within banks, the use of an ATM self-service system by scrap-yards has also helped break down the traditional glass window barriers and subsequent physical security traditions that had grown up around this industry,” explains Brian Pilla, NCR director of Financial Industry Marketing in North America. “Plus, the use of an armoured cash-in-transit courier to replenish the ATM means cash never touches an employee’s hands. This reduces attendant costs and cash shortages, while offering a secure environment for employees. This is another great example of how integrated, secure self-service technology can make a significant operational difference.”

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