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​Green Recycling first in UK to invest in Max-AI robotic sorting technology

DW 308 Rhino shredder largest in line, ideal for a wide range of materials

Doppstadt's new DW 308 Rhino is the largest in its class, and is built to shred everything that gets in its way. The DW 308 Rhino will process waste from industry, commerce and households, including C&D waste, organic waste and railway sleepers, as well as green waste, logs and roots. An ideal application is for processing in plants with high throughput capacities. This machine reduces material size reliably and prepares material for further use/recovery. Except concrete, steel and iron, the DW 308 Rhino can cope with virtually any kind of material. 

Penn Waste debuts upgraded MRF

Penn Waste is all systems go after adding new optical sorting and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to the company's state-of-the-art Single Stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in York, Pennsylvania. Provided by Bulk Handling Systems (BHS), the upgrade boosts the facility's capacity by almost 30% from 35 to 45 tons per hour (tph), while at the same time increasing recovery, improving product quality, and reducing labor costs. This comes on the heels of Penn Waste's addition of a Nihot SDS 800i drum separator earlier in the year to increase their capacity to purify glass.

WATCH: BHS announces new video series for recyclers

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has launched the BHS Value Series, a series of six videos that gives viewers an inside look into the real value-drivers behind a materials recovery facility (MRF) investment. The story is told through dozens of interviews with the people of BHS, Nihot, National Recover Technologies (NRT) and Zero Waste Energy (ZWE). The first chapter, Integration, is available on BHS' website.

Innovative equipment in Quebec City Materials Recycling Facility marks a new era in glass recycling

Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) has inaugurated an innovative glass processing equipment as part of the implementation of its Innovative Glass Works plan. The Quebec City Materials Recycling Facility (MRF), which is operated by Société VIA, is among the five centres to receive cutting-edge equipment to lead experimental pilot projects with the aim to find a solution for 100% of the glass collected through curbside recycling.

Volvo pioneers autonomous, self-driving collection truck in urban environment

In the latest research and development in self-driving vehicles, Volvo Group, together with Swedish waste and recycling specialists Renova, is testing a pioneering autonomous refuse truck that has the potential to be used across the urban environment. The project explores how automation can contribute to enhanced traffic safety, improved working conditions and lower environmental impact.

​BHS and NRT Introduce Max-AI

Bulk Handling Systems (BHS) has announced the arrival of Max-AI technology, an artificial intelligence that identifies recyclables and other items for recovery. Through deep learning technology, Max-AI employs both multi-layered neural networks and a vision system to see and identify objects similar to the way a person does. The technology will drive improvements in Material Recovery Facility (MRF) design, operational efficiency, recovery, system optimization, maintenance, and more. 

SciAps introduces Turbocharged X-300 handheld XRF

SciAps now manufactures their X model with a turbocharged option. The turbocharged X features SciAps' latest X-ray tube development. Units provide a high current (500 uA) at the lower voltage setting (up to 10 kV), resulting in a more than 5X increase in speed for low atomic number elements Si, Mg, Al, P, and S compared to other brands on the market, according to SciAps. 

BHS Plastics Recycling System Online for Unifi

Unifi, Inc. recently celebrated the grand opening of the company’s REPREVE Bottle Processing Center located in Reidsville, N.C. Integral to the new Plastics Recycling Facility (PRF) is the front-end polyethylene terephthalate (PET) purification system, designed, manufactured and installed by Eugene, Oregon-based Bulk Handling Systems (BHS). Unifi says their investment of more than $28 million supports the company’s objective of vertical integration into bottle processing as the source of raw materials for its REPREVE recycled fiber product line.

Overhead solution achieves indoor mobility with electric-drive material handler

Economical. Efficient. Long service life. Low maintenance costs. The advantages of an electric material handler are easy to understand. For many operations, though, the question of mobility presents a challenge. Many electric-drive machines are connected to their power source by a length of cable, but the cable itself may be an obstacle in confined work spaces.


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Latest generation FB6000 weighing instrument with intuitive web interface

Fairbanks Scales, Inc. has announced the release of the latest generation of the FB6000 weighing instrument, featuring a new, dynamic web interface that enables rapid calibration and custom ticket formatting. The latest generation of the FB6000 weighing instrument is the most functional and affordable instrument in its class, and is compatible with both analog and digital weighing technology. The FB6000 is ideal for all mid-range single truck scale applications including In/Out, Gross/Tare/Net, or Basic (one button) In/Out weighing.

Turning a landfill into stockpile of value

When most people look at an expanse of construction, demolition and excavation material they see only waste. Andrew Thompson, Director at William Thompson & Son, is able to see things differently -- especially since he introduced a CDE C&D waste recycling plant to his operations. “This material which was once left unused can now be washed, screened and sorted into a range of valuable products.”

ACT Environmental Services introduces next generation medical waste-to-energy program

ACT Environmental Services has announced it's new Microwave Disinfection System, which is fully permitted and processing regulated medical waste – including sharps. The first of its kind in California to offer a waste-to-energy option, it enables generators to "go green" in a way that is safe, economical and environmentally-friendly.

Super fine crusher crushes comminution costs

South Australian company IMP technologies (IMPTEC) have developed a super fine crusher that reduces comminution costs. The company is currently trialling a semi-commercial unit at Hallett Concrete in Adelaide, South Australia’s capital. The machine is being used to turn the waste from black sand or iron sand into a replacement for Portland cement. IMPTEC Director John Doherty said the crusher was a game-changing invention that could eventually be at the forefront of the industry.

NRT launches new optical sorting platform

National Recovery Technologies (NRT) has announced a next generation platform for the company’s SpydIR and ColorPlus optical sorters, which will debut during the IFAT and WasteExpo tradeshows. The new platform incorporates NRT’s proprietary In-Flight Sorting technology and continuous auto-calibration, and introduces numerous new features which include performance-enhancing design and internalized controls.

Petro-Canada Lubricants makes leading hydraulic fluid even better with the launch of next generation HYDREX

Petro-Canada Lubricants, has reformulated its HYDREX line of hydraulic fluids to deliver leading wear protection, greater energy efficiencies, extended oil life and strong performance in wide temperature ranges. Customers have come to know HYDREX, an industry leader for more than a decade, as a high-performance fluid that exceeds the demands of today’s advanced hydraulic systems – even in harsh environments.


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Drone to help refuse-collecting robot find refuse bins

Students from three universities have collaborated with the Volvo Group and the waste recycling company, Renova. The result is a robot that automatically collects and empties refuse bins. A drone on the roof of the refuse truck scans the area and helps the robot to find the bins.

BioHiTech America launches BioHiTech Cirrus, a new mobile app for unparalleled insight into the waste stream

BioHiTech Global, Inc. (“BioHiTech”), a green technology company that produces innovative data-driven solutions for food waste disposal, announced that its subsidiary, BioHiTech America, LLC, has launched its mobile app BioHiTech Cirrus. Expanding on existing technology deployed by the company, the mobile app delivers improved accessibility and transparency to food waste creation and disposal. The BioHiTech Cirrus mobile app provides easier access to real-time data creating immediate opportunities to identify inefficiencies and improve operating margins.

Keytroller raises the bar with highly accurate hydraulic forklift scale

Keytroller has set a new standard in forklift weighing with the introduction of  what the company is calling the most accurate hydraulic scale on the market. The PRECISE Hi-Accuracy Forklift Scale offers weighing precision nearly as accurate as carriage or fork load cell scales, but at half the cost. Additionally, the product is water resistant and designed to withstand tough, abusive applications such as those in recycling and waste management.


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Republic Services suggests seven ways to make the holidays more sustainable

This holiday season, Republic Services, Inc., is reminding their customers and all to incorporate sustainability into family traditions and work celebrations. With parties, decorations, cards, gift giving, and travel, North Americans generate approximately 25 percent more trash than normal during the holiday season, or one million extra tons of waste. Roughly 80 percent of that which is thrown away during the holidays could be recycled or reused, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

FireRover automated solutions designed to protect recyclers

Designed to provide safety and peace of mind, FireRover’s first-of-its-kind patent-pending Proactive Monitoring Solution detects hotspots 24/7 and instantly suppresses any heat source with remote technology. This product is engineered to ensure that high risk areas, property and equipment are protected and secure, and is ideal for use in scrapyards and recycling facilities.


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