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Viably - Ballistor Plastics Seperation

The Komptech Ballistor combines screening with ballistic separation to separate 2D, 3D and fine fractions from C&D, single stream recyclables, and MSW. The 2-dimensional fraction is shaken clean of impurities as it passes across the screen elements, and transported upwards. The 3-dimensional fraction is moved downwards by the ballistic movement, and removed. Variable hole sizes of the screen elements further sort the rising material to separate out the fine fraction. An efficient electric drive system and low power requirements keep energy costs low with long service life.


Key Specifications
Material Type 2D, 3D, and Fines
Drive/Horsepower Electric / from 7.3 HP to 14.7 HP
Max. Throughput from 80 yd3/hr to 210 yd3/hr

Company Info

6345 Downing Street
Denver, CO
US, 80216


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