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Gobi 400

These simple automated systems dry food and other organic waste by the use of heat and mechanical mixing. As organic and food wastes have a high moisture content (up to 98%), the weight and volume reduction is achieved through the evaporation of the water, leaving the operator with a dry, manageable end product that has been sterilised and stabilised so that it doesn't smell and can be stored for many weeks without degrading. This reduction in mass and volume vastly reduces the cost for collection and disposal of food wastes.

The G200, G300 and the G400 are our mid range of automated, either all electrically powered, or available in more economical mains gas and electrically powered, food waste dryers. Simple and robust these systems over 2 batches per day respectively treat 200kgs, 300kgs or 400kgs of packaged or unpacked food wastes. With the output of dried materials being sanitised and odourless and reduced in volume and mass by up to 90%.


Key Specifications
Capacity 400 kgs of food waste per day / 2 cycles
Process time average 8 hours per cycle
Weight 2500 kgs