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HV Series

Herbold HV Series Plastcompactors are used for the processing and preparation of plastics including the agglomeration of powders, fibres, film and foam materials; drying of powders, fibres, film and foam materials; re-crystallisation of PET flakes; and compounding of thermo-plastics and fillers.

Processing takes place under continuous operation between a rotating and a fixed compaction disc, both equipped with screw-fitted, replaceable kneading rails. The pre-granulated material (from 0-10 to 0-25 mm depending on type) is conveyed continuously from a feed silo through the center of the fixed disc into the processing area by means of a feed screw.The material is rapidly heated up by the friction against and between the compactor discs.

Features & Benefits

Continuous operating process, not a batch feed design or labor intensive

Accurate system controls which maintain the parameters for proper feeding speeds and disc gap to meet recipe requirements as well as the option to adjustment parameters during machine operation to maximize performance

Low wear costs, even with processing highly abrasive materials as main wear components are bolted in place allowing for easy and quick replacement

Durable and virtually insensitive to foreign bodies

High throughputs in fully automatic continuous operation, few operators needed

Plastcompacting is a sintering process, no melting: gentle processing with a very short dwell time and low process temperatures

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