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The GreCon product brand is the market leader in the development and manufacturing of preventive fire protection systems, measuring equipment and inspection systems for many industries - including the recycling industry.

GreCon Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems

Fagus GreCon the leader in Spark Detection and Extinguishing Systems for 40+ years, helping eliminate early causes of fires and explosions.  GreCon Spark Detection & Extinguishing Systems provide excellent preventive protection; it does not wait for an actual fire or dust explosion to erupt.  The GreCon system prevents the development of these hazards by early detection and elimination of the ignition source. Infrared detectors monitor the conveying paths and activate high-speed water extinguishing within milliseconds

Since 1911, Fagus-GreCon has created innovative technology to maximize production.  Our goal is to assist our customers by providing technologically advanced equipment to ensure equipment and facilities remain safe. 

Fagus GreCon's New Intelligent Spark Detector

Fagus GreCon's DLD 1/9 Spark Detector

Fagus GreCon's new DLD 1/9 Spark Detector offers additional protection to industries with new intelligent detection technology (IDT).  IDT not only identifies hazardous moving ignition sources before a fire breaks out, but the DLD 1/9 detector is also able to differentiate between dangerous sparks or harmless incidence of extraneous light due to leaky/damaged pipes or an opening of an inspection flap.

A Fagus GreCon new Intelligent Extinguishing Module

Fagus GreCon's Intelligent Extinguishing Module

The new smart GreCon IEM has sensors integrated into the extinguishing module to detect the wear of your nozzles while also monitoring low-pressure flow to the nozzles.

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