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Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc.


Address 850 Washington Road, St. Marys, PA, US
Phone 1.800.611.6599
Fax 814.834.3483
Email [email protected]
Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. (A.R.E.) was incorporated in 1993 with a primary focus on its Challenger® Waste Reduction Grinders. With the company’s location at the heart of the Allegheny National Forest , in St. Marys, Elk County, Pennsylvania , A.R.E. created its Challenger® Grinders to meet the demanding needs of the primary and secondary manufacturing uses of the nearby hardwood industry.   Challenger® Grinders were designed to be superior in structure and capable of grinding large volumes of biomass waste, not only associated with the hardwood industry, but also plastics, paper, cardboard, slabs, etc.  Today, Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. offers the most comprehensive line of waste reduction grinders, with over 70 models to choose from.   Since its inception in 1993, Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. has added value to its original product line by fully integrating its Challenger® Grinders with material handling equipment, a full parts inventory, and Challenger® Thermal Biomass Combustion Systems.   Challenger® Thermal Combustion Systems range in output from 750,000 to 60,000,000 BTU and are capable of combusting a wide variety of biomass materials, such as sander dust, MDF, particleboard, bark, agri by-products and all other forms of clean biomass waste.   When it began, the company operated out of a small business incubator site within a nearby industrial park. Since then, Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. moved to its current location at 850 Washington Road.   When the company moved in 1993, its facility on Washington Road consisted of 10,000 sq. ft. Over the years, A.R.E. has made several additions, with another upcoming that will increase the facility to 40,000 sq. ft.   One of its additions included the construction of a Test Facility, allowing customers to assess potential biomass waste for both waste reduction and combustion capabilities. The Test Facility is also equipped for independent testing to assist customers with permitting applications by providing data for the permitting process.   Advanced Recycling Equipment, Inc. has made great strides in the thirteen short years since its inception and looks forward to continuing on that path for many years to come.

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