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Address 401 NW Adler St., P.O. Box 1, Madras, OR, 97741, US
Phone 800-547-6161
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The evolution of the KEITH® WALKING FLOOR® unloader began more than 60 years ago, when Keith Foster created specialized agricultural equipment. In the 1970s the WALKING FLOOR® brand was introduced. Interest in the self-unloading system gained momentum in the 1980s when a WALKING FLOOR® unloader was installed in a semi-trailer hauling municipal solid waste. The WALKING FLOOR® system quickly became a staple in the waste and recycling industries, with its popularity growing worldwide.

When Keith Foster set out to build the first WALKING FLOOR® system, his resources consisted of a handful of employees. Today, KEITH Mfg. Co. encompasses international locations, a global network of dealers and more than 250 worldwide patents. KEITH is a progressive, family-owned company that takes pride in providing bulk material conveying systems that solve customers' problems. WALKING FLOOR® technology is used to move, store and meter difficult-to-handle bulk materials including agricultural, wood, ice, waste, paper, asphalt and aggregate products. We are fortunate to be headquartered in Central Oregon's high desert community; an outdoor mecca and one of the most idyllic settings on the West Coast. Our company culture attracts a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds, making up the fun, loyal KEITH family.

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