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KEITH Manufacturing Co.

Address 401 NW Adler St., P.O. Box 1, Madras, OR, 97741, US
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AI-powered robotic waste sorting system installed at Zanker Recycling facility

San Jose-based Zanker Recycling, a U.S. leader in construction and demolition (C&D) materials processing systems and recycling, has announced that its awarding a contract to Plexus Recycling Technologies, the North American distributor of ZenRobotics the world's leading, and most experienced AI robotics team for sorting waste materials. The ZenRobotics ZRR2 AI Robot will be the second to operate in the U.S. and operational by fall 2018.

V-9 trailer unloading system

The V-FLOOR V-9 trailer unloading system uses a unique sub-deck, bearing and slat configuration that provides high strength, while maintaining the ability to absorb the energy of impact loads. Floor slat options include a variety of steel and aluminum profiles. Aluminum V-9 slats are designed for high impact and are typically used for MSW, recyclables and light C&D. Steel V-9 slats are designed for higher impact and abrasion and are used in heavy C&D, scrap metal, aggregate and asphalt.

Running floor drives improved

Improvements to the most popular system sold by KEITH Mfg. Co., has led to the introduction of a two-year warranty on all new Running Floor II DX and ADX drives. Design modifications to the Running Floor II DX include an improved cylinder design, updated check valve design, improved corrosion resistance and a new, standardized tubing design.

Next generation of running floor technology

The next generation of Running Floor II technology will be introduced this year at Waste Expo. The Running Floor II drive unit is by far the most popular system sold by Keith, and has been only slightly modified from its original design since its introduction. The Running Floor II DX features improved cylinders, updated check valve design, improved corrosion resistance and a new, standardized plated tubing design. “With the proper wet kit, our system will unload a full-size trailer in three to five minutes,” says Mike Robinson, Keith Mfg. Co. sales director.

V-Floor unloader for abrasives

Trailers equipped Construction with a KEITH Walking Floor V-Floor unloader are ideal for quarry and recycling environments. Designed to take the abuse of unloading abrasive goods, the V-Floor system provides horizontal unloading indoors and on uneven ground. “V”-shaped floor slats are constructed of Hi-Wear steel, and ridges of the floor absorb load impact and abrasion.

Unloading system increases backhaul options

The KEITH V-Floor unloading system is specifically designed to handle and unload highly abrasive loads, providing increased backhaul versatility for haulers. The technology uses a series of hydraulically actuated, Hi-Wear steel floor slats extending the length of the trailer floor, and a drive unit. While in motion, the floor slats remain horizontal, reciprocating alternately and then in unison to convey materials. The unique “V” shaped slats are designed to absorb maximum impact.


Many haulers require versatility in their equipment as materials and unloading conditions vary from day to day. Finding a trailer adaptable to these changes can prove to be an invaluable resource. A trailer equipped with a KEITH WALKING FLOOR V-Floor unloader is ideal for quarry and recycling environments. Designed to take the abuse of unloading abrasive goods, the V-Floor system provides the advantage of unloading indoors and on uneven ground. With floor slats constructed of Hi-Wear steel, the V-Floor unloading system is specially designed to handle maximum duty loads. The ridges of the unique “V”-shaped floor slats absorb load impact and abrasion. The durability of the system makes it an ideal choice for operators who routinely top-load trailers. When installed in a trailer, the V-Floor system provides efficient and versatile horizontal unloading. Powered by a reliable and proven KEITH WALKING FLOOR hydraulic drive unit, systems load or unload in minimal time.


For many operations, the key to successful fleet management is versatility. A trailer fleet that can handle many different materials, while still hauling a hefty payload, can be an invaluable asset. KEITH Walking Floor Unloading System technology installed in a trailer provides haulers with the ability to move many different materials, as well as unload in numerous environments. The foundation of the moving floor system is a series of hydraulically actuated floor slats and a drive unit. The drive unit powers the slats through a four-phase cycle to convey the material. Moving floor systems provide flexibility to unload at a variety of sites during backhauling. Unlike dump trucks, which are limited by vertical height restrictions, moving floor systems can be used to unload material near or inside buildings, as well as in residential areas where trees and overhead power lines pose hazards. Several innovative features set the Walking Floor system apart, including a patented double-rod arrangement of the Running Floor II hydraulic drive unit. This divides the unloading force between both ends of the drive frame, distributing the force and allowing for shorter unloading times. A Running Floor II drive unit, equipped with the proper wet kit, is capable of unloading a full-sized trailer in three to five minutes. Trailers outfitted with moving floor unloaders are ideal for the transport of mulch and other organic materials, hauling municipal waste, and delivering recyclables for processing. Automating the materials handling process at waste and recycling locations can increase productivity and improve throughput, maximizing available resources.


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