The CABKA Group is a group of companies specializing in plastics recycling and the production of products made from recovered materials. Today, more than 700 people work at eight locations in Europe and the United States to ensure that the products are put to use in more than 80 countries. The products stand for economic efficiency and ecological sustainability.

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Plastics Recycling

New CABKA innovation centre in Valencia, Spain focused on innovation in plastics recycling

In the brand-new Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain, CABKA bundles its innovative forces and works intensively on plastics recycling technologies for the future

One of the basic commodities used for CABKA products is recycled plastic from post-consumer packaging waste, and the company is convinced that creative ways of using plastic waste will become an increasingly pressing issue in the future. The core topics at the company's new Innovation Center in Valencia, Spain are product development and process automation, with a focus on material development. CABKA has been actively cultivating and furthering innovation at its individual sites for many years. The teams working on these processes are thus optimally linked. The new Innovation Center now offers a site where the focus will be squarely on developing new material formulations as well as products based on these new formulations. In addition, the findings of all teams will be pooled and further prepared at this site, so that all locations can benefit equally.

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Leading Edge Security Technology

Caliber Communications Inc. is a technology-based Canadian company that has created a flexible, cost effective and reliable replacement to physical guarding services. The company has engineered and developed a unique communications platform that operates on the cellular infrastructure anywhere in North America. To date, this platform has been specifically utilized for applications requiring remote security monitoring in a variety of  industries, locations and settings. The platform is completely modular and can be completely independent of existing infrastructure where no resources are available.  This allows the units to be set up anywhere they are required to provide effective security coverage. If power is not readily available, the units are designed to operate on very low wattage making solar power a viable solution.  All units provide 360 degrees of situational awareness with stationary cameras. Additionally, all units come equipped with a PTZ camera (pan, tilt, zoom) to drill into the images and gather specific data for evidence.

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