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Fibematics Inc.

3313 W. Stokley St.
Philadelphia, PA
US, 19140

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Fibematics is ahead of the curve on nonwovens

Baled nonwoven material ready for repurposing.

A s a niche market in the textile recycling industry, nonwovens quietly continue to keep hundreds of millions of pounds of materials out of landfills. One company has grown over the past five decades to become one of the largest in the industry in purchasing nonwoven "seconds" from major U.S. mills. Established in 1968, Fibematics Inc. began manufacturing Scrim Reinforced Material (SRM) and converting nonwoven wiping products in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has since expanded its business to include wiping product conversion in southern California. The company is celebrating its fifty-year anniversary in 2018.

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