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Micron Waste Technologies Inc.

Address Suite 915 – 700 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1G8, CA
Email [email protected]

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Micron Waste strengthens business development, engineering and corporate capabilities

Micron Waste Technologies Inc., a leading developer of clean technology waste management systems, has announced the hiring and promotion of key management staff to build capabilities in business development, engineering and corporate relations. Micron's food and cannabis waste treatment systems are industrial-grade organic waste processers which pulverize and render organic waste in combination with a proprietary blend of microbes and enzymes designed and developed by Micron. Importantly, as part of Micron's full-system waste treatment platform, effluent from the systems is further treated to derive clean greywater which can be reused in industrial or agricultural operation. Alternatively, the treated regulatory-compliant greywater, which meets municipal discharge standards, can be safely discharged. Active Pharmaceutical Compounds (APIs) in cannabis waste are further biologically treat to denature cannabinoids present, keeping them out of watersheds where they can bio-accumulate.

Micron Waste reports on outcome of cannabis waste system trial with Aurora Cannabis​

Micron Waste Technologies Inc., a leading developer of waste digesters for food and cannabis waste, has reported positive results from the optimization of the Cannavore cannabis waste processing units with Aurora Cannabis Inc. The Company will now optimize the technology for sub-zero operations, as well as add computerized remote operating capabilities, following which Micron will commence to offer the units commercially.