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Spotlight on single-ram horizontal balers

Single-ram horizontal balers are the most common type of baler employed in MRFs and other large-scale recycling facilities for compressing and readying recovered paper, plastics and other recyclables for transport downstream to end markets. Also referred to as a channel baler, these machines use a single-ram or cylinder to compress, move and eject material in a continuous cycle). They are ideal for high-production recycling facilities processing paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and UBCs, and are very adaptable to handle a range of other materials, including everything from textiles to metals.

Bollegraaf supplies Netherlands' most efficient plastic sorting system

Appingedam, Netherlands-based Bollegraaf Recycling Solutions and Daly Plastics, located in Zutphen, have completed the installation of the most efficient and professional industrial plastic sorting system currently operating in the Netherlands. The two companies pooled their expertise to create an innovative, modular and fully automatic recycling system. The capacity targets set for the system were exceeded by more than 50%. Every hour, the system delivers around 7 tonnes of perfectly separated plastics. This enables Daly Plastics to realize its ultimate goal: production of extremely pure regranulate for use as raw material in high-quality new products.

Automated sorting robotics technology unveiled

In September at the RWM show in Birmingham, England (  Bollegraaf displayed the latest prototype version of RoBB - the automated QC sorting robot. This fully automated robot is engineered to pick multiple kinds of plastics, such as PET, PE’s and PS, as well as paper and OCC, delivering high levels of purity and separation quality during the final stages of quality control, resulting in a significantly higher value of recycler’s output.