Bureau of International Recycling (BIR)

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Brussels , BE

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Cities across the world unite for Global Recycling Day

Cities across the world are announcing their plans to celebrate the inaugural  Global Recycling Day. The initiative from the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) will call on the world to think "resource" not "waste" when it comes to recycling and encourage people to think of recycling in a new way. On the 18th March 2018 in London, the Global Recycling Day team will showcase the scale of what is possible, by using large bundles of recycled materials at a central location. The Federation of Recycling Enterprises (FEDEREC) will hold a press conference at World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) France's Headquarters in Paris to raise awareness of the need to utilise the world's Seventh Resource[1] on Thursday March 15th. There will be similar events on Capitol Hill in Washington DC and Sao Paolo for Global Recycling Day on March 16th.

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