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Lindner Recyclingtech America

Address 152 Walker Road, Statesville, NC, 28625, US
Tel: +1.800.235.1391
Email [email protected]
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Lindner Urraco 95 DK effortlessly shreds railway sleepers at Gojer

In the waste wood processing industry, railway sleepers are among the most difficult materials to shred. They are made of very hard wood and often still contain iron screws and plates. When Gojer, Kärntner Entsorgungsdienst GmbH was faced with the challenge of shredding these sleepers, they opted for the Urraco 95 DK mobile twin-shaft shredder from Lindner-Recyclingtech at the end of August 2017. How does the 770-hp mobile machine perform in terms of throughput, energy consumption and efficiency? Gojer looks back on a very positive first year.

Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH invests in North American expansion

Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH, a European leader in industrial stationary and mobile shredding equipment, has opened its new North American headquarters located in Statesville, North Carolina.  In late 2017 the company completed the purchase and renovation of a 25,000 square foot facility on a 4-acre campus along with renaming its fully owned US subsidiary to Lindner Recyclingtech America.  The new facility is focused on expansion of the Lindner parts inventory and service support team, along with a fully operational customer demonstration and test lab facility.

Shredding and grinding solution boosts plastic waste handling capacity for Midwest recycler

Winco Plastics, North Aurora, IL., USA, a subdivision of Winco Trading (, is one of the largest full service plastic recycling companies in the Midwest with 30 years' experience. After purchasing a Lindner re-grinding line including a Micromat Plus 2500 pre-shredding system and an LG 1500-800 grinder, Winco have significantly increased their plastics waste handling capacity, making them one of the fastest growing companies in their sector in 2016. The range of rigid materials fed into their Lindner system includes HDPE pipes of any size and thickness, HDPE sheets, PE and PP purge, and PC sheet as well as PET, mainly from post-industrial sources such as automotive and others.