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Address 4640 Boulevard de la Grande-Allée, Boisbriand, QC, J7H 1S7, CA

About PMR:

Our mission is to create a completely transparent business relationship, in which our suppliers are educated, secure and completely satisfied with the service and payment delivered.

PMR is an industry-leading catalytic converter processor. We have built a reputation based on excellent service and innovative recovery technology. We have been in the scrap converter business since 1996, starting from the ground up. It is just as important to us today to personally connect with all of our suppliers big and small. Request a visit today.
Our business has grown steadily in the last 20 years. We now operate 3 processing locations in North America. Our online database contains more than 22,000 converters and offers real time cash prices in USD. PMR shares this information freely with our valued suppliers in an easy to use mobile and desktop application.

We process scrap ceramic and stainless steel (metal foil) catalytic converters, DPF and catalytic substrate and O2 sensors from all over the world. Our client base includes but is not limited to: Automotive Recyclers, Scrap Metal Recyclers, Catalytic Converter Core Buyers, Industrial Catalyst Recycling Specialists and Scrap Metal Brokers.

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Time to rethink what can be accomplished with catalytic converter recycling data

In the automotive recycling world there is endless data produced and studied by companies large and small. Being able to make sense of that data has been the preoccupation of business owners, managers and the people behind the creation of data for many years. With respect to recycled auto catalyst data, the focus has primarily been on the average value per unit. For those who are serious about data tracking and catalytic converter profits however, it's time to rethink what is possible to accomplish with data.

PMR introduces catalytic converter inventory management tool

PMR,  a leading processor in catalytic converter recycling for over 20 years, has introduced a new inventory management tool, available to suppliers, located in the company's web-based Supplier Services Platform (SSP). The new tool allows PMR suppliers to keep track of their converter units by inventorying boxes of their physical on-site material.

Understanding the changing catalytic converter landscape - Part II

Over the years there have been many myths, misconceptions and legends in the converter business, which has translated into a problem for scrapyard owners and managers around the world. Who can be trusted with highly valuable cores? Buyers of all sorts have been knocking down doors for years offering "the best price" or "most money" for converters. With so many buyers out there, how can scrapyards possibly separate the wheat from the chaff? This article will give an insider's perspective on the top 10 common misconceptions in the catalytic converter recycling business, and how to actually get the most dollars for your cats.

Understanding the Changing Catalytic Converter Landscape

The catalytic converter industry has been constantly evolving over the last 25 years. Many of you in the scrap industry will remember back in the day when converter buyers would come and purchase with just three grades in mind: small, medium and large. My, how things have changed. We now have over 65 grading categories and 20,000 serial numbers, as well as toll refining as an option to sell converters.