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Address 26 Thorne Way, Woolsbridge Industrial Park, Three Legged Cross, Dorset, BH21 6FB, GB
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Krysteline is a provider of bespoke solutions to the materials processing industry. Centred on its unique Implosion systems; developed for the quick, efficient and cost effective size reduction of a wide range of materials including glass, ceramics, minerals, ores and furnace slags. The Imploders unique ability to transfer energy into the target feedstock whilst exerting a limited effect on associated materials allows for the material's efficient separation.

Krysteline has over 20 years' experience in the waste processing industry, designing and building a wide range of processing systems from simple stand-alone units to multi-functional purification plants. Krysteline's strategy is to provide processing solutions for all collected glass no matter its size or quality. Whether cooperating with the remelt industry or not Krysteline's unique patented technology can make use of 100% of the waste glass stream.

Krysteline has developed a wide range of complimentary equipment to support its Imploders; including the highly innovative Pyro drier, various screener for scalping and sizing, air density separators and conveying systems. These systems have been designed to withstand the harsh environment of materials processing and as a result are extremely robust. Krysteline incorporates the latest wear resistant technologies within its equipment to develop innovative solutions to traditional problems to progress the business.

Krysteline owes its unique technology offerings to its continued development and adaptation to meet the demands of an ever changing marketplace. Whilst glass processing remains at its core, alternative feedstocks such as furnace slags, minerals, ores and many other interesting products are presenting excellent additions to the array of feedstocks the Imploders currently process.

Krysteline's strategy, where possible, is to develop partnerships for the processing of waste in to high quality end products to service the demand of traditional and to assist in the development of new marketplaces for these materials. For example there has been a significant upsurge in the use of glass for swimming pool filters and expendable abrasives over the past decade providing credible and sustainable low carbon examples for the use of refined glass. There are a number of new products coming through the Krysteline R&D facility, however Krysteline is keen to develop partnerships with companies who have the potential to offer an additional marketplace for its high glass products, if you have an application or requirement, why not contact the R&D team.

Krysteline exports almost 80% of its technologies and services from its head office and factory in the UK; strategic alliances with overseas distributors and agents has further enforced Krysteline dominance across a broad spectrum of markets and applications whilst exploring new uses for its technology. These strategic partners have not only been selected for their engineering ability but also their knowledge for the use of refined products within their territory

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