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Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group

Address Stony Plain, AB, CA
Tel (780) 963-7117
Cell (780) 239-5445
Email [email protected]

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Canadian wood recycling sector positions itself for growth

There's a lot more to wood recycling than shredding, screening and grinding. The state of wood recycling continues to evolve, according to Jim Donaldson, CEO of the Alberta-based Canadian Wood Waste Recycling Business Group (CWWR). Practices are well established in the forest industry for converting sawmill residuals into fibre applications such as pulp and paper and waste-to-energy, but overall, the development of wood recycling in Canada is still in its infancy. 

CWWR replaces Alberta Wood Waste Association

The Canadian Wood Waste Recycling, Business Group (CWWR) is in operation as of the beginning of December, following the dissolution of the Alberta Wood Waste Recycling Association (AWWRA). The new company will operate as a national business group that will provide sustainable closed loop Wood waste recycling leadership, knowledge, business and industry guidance in the creation of the Canadian wood waste recycling industry and bioeconomy. According to the new company’s CEO, Jim Donaldson, all former professional practices, AWWRA membership involvement and promotional strategies are being carried forward on a national basis by the new company.