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Axxess controls from EPAX designed to improve the safe use of waste compactors and balers

Epax Systems, a specialist in waste management with more than 30 years of experience, recently developed a new method to control industrial compactors and balers called Axxess controls.  According to the company, over the last decade, safety and security have become concerns for multi-use property managers who are seeking to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration's requirements for controlling balers and compactors in their facilities. Since 2017, clients of Epax Systems, inc.  have increasingly communicated the need to improve on their traditional key switch systems, which requires employees to use an on/off key switch to control their compactor or cardboard baler.

Baler Selection and Maintenance

Recyclables handling and the implementation of a solid waste management program along with good in-house procedures can keep costs in check and greatly reduce expenses. The key is to identify areas of concern and begin working with a qualified waste services consultant/equipment supplier to establish an understanding and develop an unbiased plan. When it comes to baling, the first step is selecting the most suitable type of machine for your operation.