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European PET collection and recycling rates show significant increases for 2016

Out of 3.147.000 tonnes of PET bottles and containers placed in the European market in 2016, a remarkable number of 59.8% - in total 1.880.900 tonnes - were collected and thereof 1.773.200 tonnes mechanically recycled. These conclusions come from the annual PCI Wood Mackenzie PET recycle survey for West Europe in 2016, commissioned by Petcore Europe. It shows that the collection rates increased by 7.4%, while the recycling rates also grew by 7.3%. In 2016, that resulted in 129.400 tonnes more collected and 120.000 tonnes more recycled PET compared to 2014.

The recycling of thermoforms: an important challenge for the PET value chain

The demand for PET and other polymers in fresh food rigid packaging is growing fast. Mono-layer trays for e.g. packing fresh fruits and vegetables, and multi-layer sealed trays with lids as seen for fresh meat or food preparations are providing the best packaging assets for the packing, distribution, shelf displays, consumer handling and food conservation at home. But what happens to these thermoformed packaging when they have been used and tossed into the bin?

PET thermoforms in the context of the European Commission Circular Economy

Petcore Europe 2016 brings together 160 experts and leaders from global PET industry

“This huge success of our annual conference outlines the importance of this event for participants from all sectors of the PET value chain,” explains Roberto Bertaggia, Petcore Europe President. “We were delighted to welcome so many representatives, from PET resin manufacturers to packaging designers and converters, leading brand owners using PET, waste management organisations and PET recyclers, other related components and machinery equipment as well as the media.”

Petcore Europe Conference 2015 set for November in Brussels

On 24 November 2015, the annual Petcore Europe Conference will take place in Brussels. Well known in previous years as the PET Network Day, the conference brings together more than 100 experts and leaders from the whole PET value chain in Europe and beyond as well as representatives from the European institutions. This year, the conference will focus on the four key aspects Sustainability, Circular Economy, Innovation and Globalization.


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