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National Recycling Coalition, Inc. (NRC)

Address 1220 L St NW, Suite 100-155, Washington, DC, 20005, US
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​Marjie Griek Announced as National Recycling Coalition Executive Director

Minneapolis, MN - On behalf of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) Board of Directors, and during its 40-year anniversary year, NRC President Bob Gedert today announced the hiring of Marjie Griek as the new NRC Executive Director. "We are extremely grateful for the astounding pool of professionals that applied for this position, and are very excited to present Marjie in this new role. I'm more than confident that with Marjie's credentials and experience she'll successfully help lead the Coalition toward its next and successful 40 years," Gedert said. He reported on Griek's new role at the NRC's Annual Membership Meeting held at the Resource Recycling Conference yesterday.

National Recycling Coalition sets record straight

William F. Shughart II’s recent Commentary, “Recycling makes greenies go gaga, but it’s a real burden for the rest of us” is replete with unfounded assumptions, gross generalizations and false statements that are dangerously misleading. We at the National Recycling Coalition know that recycling makes sound environmental policy, as well as sound business practice, resulting in significant environmental and economic benefits within our local communities, across the country and throughout the globe. It is an undisputed truth that more Americans – and more manufacturers - recycle today than in past decades, and they do so for good reason.