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Winkle Industries

Address 2080 West Main Street, Alliance, OH, 44601, US
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Lifting magnets, power sources and electrical control systems: FAQ with Winkle Industries

Some magnets are simple, like the small, hand-held versions that hold paper clips or which affix photos, calendars and notes to metal. Magnets attached to mobile material handlers to lift metal are much more complicated. Following are answers to some of the most popular questions often asked about lifting magnets, power supply sources and electrical control systems. 

Optimag L-series lightweight lifting magnets

Winkle’s OptiMag “L-Series” lightweight lifting magnets for scrap recyclers now includes two model ranges; LDSA magnets, updated from the previous LSA standard, and a new ELDSA line, created specifically for smaller hydraulic scrap handling machines. Winkle says the new L-Series models were updated with the latest version of the company’s proprietary computer modelling software, and offer increased lifting capacity with lighter-weight magnets, as well as reduced costs through improved manufacturing and material efficiencies.  

Optimag G-Series magnets updated

This re-engineered and enhanced line-up of scrap magnets is developed for use in tandem with all standard makes and models of scrap handling grapples. Updated with the latest version of Winkle’s proprietary computer modelling software, OptiMag G-Series grapple magnets now offer increased lifting capacity with less weight.   

Scrap magnets updated

Winkle Industries has introduced a new line-up of deep field scrap magnets, developed with the latest version of the company’s computer modeling software. OptiMag “D-Series” lifting magnets for scrap recyclers bring engineering upgrades to two model ranges; the DSA deep-field aluminum scrap magnets and the EDSA extra-deep field aluminum scrap magnets. The new upgraded OptiMag models are designed to offer increased lifting capacity with lighter weight magnets.   

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Winkle expansion to accommodate continued growth

Winkle Industries recently announced the completion of a 15,000 sq. ft. expansion to the company's existing 75,000 sq. ft. office and production plant in Alliance, Ohio. According to Winkle, the expansion adds much-needed warehousing space as well as a detached mobile equipment garage. Over the past several years, Winkle has been aggressively diversifying its range of products and services for customers in the recycling, steel and mill-related industries, with a significant increase in aftermarket support and mobile equipment services to complement its traditional engineering and manufacturing operations.

Winkle adds permanent tower

Winkle Industries has introduced an addition to its line of lifting magnets that, according to the company, will practically allow operators to combine a grapple and magnet on the fly. This new permanent tower is placed directly on top of a magnet. Winkle’s DSG, ELSA, LSA, DSA and EDSA magnets, as well as most other makes and models of scrap magnets, can be accommodated with either a welded or pinned-on Winkle tower.

The control factor

Hubbell Industrial Controls has introduced a new DC generator-based magnet controller that protects against magnet system power spikes, and virtually eliminates controller maintenance and premature failures of generators and lifting magnets.

LSA aluminum magnets

“LSA”series scrap lifting magnets are deep field aluminum coil units that combine rugged fabricated construction with very high lift-to-weight ratios, and true 75 percent duty-cycle ratings. Units are designed to lift more material per cycle, while running cooler.

LSA series aluminum scrap magnets

Winkle “LSA” Series lifting magnets are specifically designed to meet recyclers’ demands for maximizing productivity with lighter and more efficient material handling equipment. These deep field NES, ISS aluminum coil magnets combine rugged fabricated construction with very high lift-to-weight ratios, and true 75 percent duty-cycle ratings designed to keep pace with today’s faster cranes.