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Truck Weight Inc.

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Telematics technology manages axle-weight

TruckWeight recently introduced TruckWeight FleetLink, a telematics device that gives fleet managers the ability to electronically capture and communicate axle-weight data generated by the company’s Smart Scale wireless scale for commercial vehicles. “Traditionally, onboard scales produce results that have to be manually interpreted, logged and reported by the truck driver,” said Peter Panagapko, president of TruckWeight. “As a companion to Smart Scale, TruckWeight FleetLink helps replace these manual processes. It creates an accurate electronic record of axle-weight data that can be read by an onboard computer and sent home by satellite- or cellular-based mobile communications systems. Dispatchers and fleet managers can monitor payload capacity while the truck is in the field, eliminating the latency and errors associated with paper-based reporting.” TruckWeight FleetLink integrates with Smart Scale through its sensors that monitor subtle changes in air-ride or mechanical spring suspension. An RF transmitter sends the data to the TruckWeight FleetLink receiver which is connected to an onboard computer, onboard communications device or cellular phone via Bluetooth, RS-232 or USB. From there, the data can be used by a wide range of fleet management programs, including dispatch, compliance and accounting.

Wireless scale option for trailers

The Smart Scale wireless scale for commercial vehicles is ideal for class 6, 7, and 8 specialty trailers and bodies, as well as many others in heavy scrap, aggregate, recycling and demolition applications. The wireless Smart Scale produces fast, accurate axle-weight and gross vehicle weight readings so customers can load efficiently and maximize rated capacity.

Trailer manufacturer offers wireless scale as option

Nova Scotia based Truck-Weight Inc. recently announced that its Smart Scale wireless scale for commercial vehicles is an installed option on Benson International trailers. Benson is a manufacturer of class six, seven and eight specialty trailers and bodies.

Wireless truck scales

TruckWeight Inc recently an-nounced the introduction of Smart Sensor, which extends the wireless range of its Smart Scale onboard weigh scales to as much as 500 feet.

Wireless truck scale

TruckWeight Inc recently announced the introduction of Smart Sensor, which extends the wireless range of its Smart Scale onboard weigh scale to as much as 500 feet. Designed for trucks, tractors, and trail ers with air suspensions, the Smart Scale is ideal for owners and operators who demand fast, precise, and accurate axle weight readings. The new Smart Sensor and wireless reader allow users to take a measurement where it’s convenient and safe, whether that’s in the truck cab or on the loading machine.