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Teknor Apex

Address 505 Central Avenue, Pawtucket, RI, 02861, US
Phone 401-725-8000
Fax 401-725-8095

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Teknor Apex and Gumdrop work together to recycle chewing gum waste into TPEs

London, England-based Gumdrop Ltd. is the first company in the world to recycle waste chewing gum into a range of new polymers that can be used in the rubber and plastics industry. Having created a program for reclaiming pre- and post-consumer gum for use in material it calls Gum-Tec, the company turned to Teknor Apex to develop and produce compounds from the large waste stream created by the 500,000 ton per year chewing gum industry. The challenge was to devise formulation and manufacturing techniques for an altogether new type of raw material in order to produce commercial-scale quantities of compounds that consistently meet the requirements of specific applications, including optimized elasticity, compression set, tensile properties, and other mechanical properties, as well as processability. According to Gumdrop, the custom compounding expertise of Teknor Apex Company has enabled the advancement of their diversion-from-landfill capability by converting waste gum into a raw material for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).

Polymide Compounds Enable Processors to Meet “Green” Requirements

European plastics processors now have access to recycled polyamide compounds that come with the quality assurance of Teknor Apex Company, one of the world’s leading custom compounders and a specialist in polyamide formulations. Previously sold only in the U.S., the Recyclon family of recycled polyamide compounds are now available in Europe, supported by Teknor Apex’s backward integration into the recycling process, which includes a consistent supply of high-quality feedstocks.