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Automated weighing solutions and unattended weighbridges boost productivity in waste management

Europe-based Leon Engineering recently introduced its Recycling Waste Handling Systems, offering weighing modules and equipment designed to automate the life cycle of waste industry weigh operations. Leon Engineering’s recycling applications include automatic, unattended large capacity weighbridges, vehicle number plate recognition systems, surveillance cameras, and touch panel terminals for truck drivers, as well as access trac lights and trac barriers, LEWIS weighbridge management software, RFID card readers and application software that can be synchronized with other systems. The company says their solutions enable 24/7 self-service operations, computerized weigh management, waste control, and automatic determination of total quantity as well as real-time weighing sequence supervision for increased security. Leon Engineering recently completed several system installations on recycling plants in Europe, while also operating in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.