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Cascade Cart Solutions

Address 4950 Thirty-Seventh Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI, US
Toll free 1-800-968-2278
Fax 616-975-4902

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Know what you “T.H.R.O.W”

Within their Sustainability Plan, the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan defines “green” as the triple bottom line, recognizing the interdependence of the natural environment, economic systems and social structures. The city is committed to sustainability as a means of improving the quality of life for residents through the development of a strong local economy, achievement of social equity, and promotion of the preservation of the natural environment. As part of this commitment, Grand Rapids has placed a focus on transforming its solid waste collections to reduce costs through efficient operations, provide citizens with equitable collection service and fees, and improve environmental performance through increased incinerator and landfill diversion rates.

Full Line of Cart Lifters

Cascade Cart Solutions offers a full line of cart lifters designed to meet all the rigorous requirements of semi-automated collection systems. Cascade has numerous rotary actuator lifter and cylinder style lifter solutions for side, front or rear loading applications, and customized lifters are available.

CartLogic web-based cloud-managed software

At Waste Expo 2014, Cascade Cart Solutions launched CartLogic, a web-based, cloud-managed software solution for tracking, maintaining and reporting on entire waste, recycling and organics cart fleets. CartLogic manages residential roll-out cart maintenance and location information using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, GPS systems and cloud computing. Each time a delivery, swap, repair or removal is made, the cart’s RFID tag is scanned and the type of service provided is entered, generating a service history log for each cart. This information synchronizes with the CartLogic cloud-based platform, securely storing all cart inventory data online.