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Multi-Material BC (MMBC)

Address 230-171 Esplanade West, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3J9, CA
Phone 778-588-9504
Toll free 1-855-875-3596
Email [email protected]

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MMBC Changes Name to Recycle BC

Multi-Material BC, the non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout the province, has rebranded to Recycle BC. The clearly-defined name reflects an ongoing mandate to promote recycling best practices and the environmental benefits of recycling to residents through education.

MMBC announces recycling collection partners for City of Vancouver

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) has awarded its City of Vancouver curbside collection contract to Smithrite Disposal Ltd. Smithrite will provide weekly pick up of residential recycling for residents already receiving curbside service in Vancouver and the Musqueam Indian Reserve No. 2 when the City transitions responsibility for recycling collection to MMBC, beginning in the Fall of 2016. Residents can expect the same level of service they receive today, including segregated glass pick up currently being rolled out by the City. Smithrite is a 100% BC-owned, family run company with a long history of recycling and waste management in the province.

MMBC Expands Recycling Services to more BC Communities

This summer, an additional five communities will start receiving recycling services through the industry-funded Multi-Material BC (MMBC). MMBC rolled out curbside collections to the City of Coquitlam on July 2, 2014, and residents in the Village of Anmore will start receiving service on August 1, 2014. Services also start in Quesnel, Prince George, and University Endowment Lands in September. Approximately 25,000 of the over 55,000 additional households receiving recycling services from MMBC will have curbside recycling for the very first time.

Packaging and printed paper EPR in B.C. officially begins

May 19th was the official launch of B.C.’s new packaging and printed paper recycling program, an EPR initiative designed to shift the responsibility for managing the residential recycling of packaging and printed paper towards businesses, and away from regional and municipal governments and their taxpayers. The program is being managed by Multi-Material Recycling BC (MMBC), a non-profit, industry-led and -financed stewardship organization based out of Ontario (one of 16 stewardship organizations currently operating in the province).  

BC communities to benefit from new curbside recycling services, according to MMBC

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) says they are pleased to announce the commencement of recycling collection services to 1.25 million BC households in 88 communities, starting on May 19, 2014. The latest communities to be included in the program are Prince George and Quesnel, where residents will begin receiving curbside recycling collection for the first time starting in September 2014. A list of communities that will be served by MMBC is now available on the MMBC website at   

Multi-Material BC selects Green by Nature EPR to manage post-collection system for packaging and printed paper recycling program

Multi-Material BC (MMBC) is pleased to announce Green by Nature EPR (GBN) - a new organization founded by leaders in the recycling industry in British Columbia - has been selected to manage the post-collection system for MMBC's residential packaging and printed paper recycling program, which will begin delivering services to approximately 1.25 million households on May 19, 2014. 

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