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S+S Separation and Sorting Technology


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Metal Detectors Prevent Damage

Austrian company Starlinger GmbH is a global market leader in the field of machinery and process technology for the recycling and production of woven plastic sacks. Since 1987 the company has manufactured and supplied recycling lines for plastics, and in 2002 established a recycling technology division. This division includes innovative machine solutions for the efficient recycling of a wide range of plastics, including PE, PP, PA, PS, PET and others. Starlinger says they employ a range of recycling technologies and well proven and established machinery, a key component of which is their metal detection supplied by S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH.

K9 FLASH glass sorting system

Introduced at IFAT ENTSORGA 2012, S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH’s K9 FLASH glass sorting system is designed for use in the recycling of thin-sheet, container and flat glass. K9 FLASH separates unwanted colour particles and CSP (ceramics, stones, porcelain) from cullet flow with minimum loss of high-value material, and will also detect and remove special glasses such as Ceran.