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ASA Electronics introduces Voyager rear light camera combo

The newest addition to the Voyager product line combines an additional rear light bar with an analog high definition camera for one seamless installation. The single-pass wire entry and surface mount design make the Voyager® VCAHD140LB Light Bar Camera a universal option for use as an added warning light. The single wire for both the camera and light can be tied into the vehicle's existing electrical wiring.

ASA Electronics Voyager proximity sensor system detects objects within five feet of the rear bumper

ASA Electronics has expanded their line of sensor systems with the CVPS18 four-channel system. The CVPS18 is an easy, economical way to outfit virtually any vehicle with the latest safety technology. The four ultrasonic, weatherproof sensors are easy to install and can be painted to match the colour of the vehicle, making them a universal solution for aftermarket application.

ASA Electronics awarded patent on Wireless Auto-Pairing System

ASA Electronics has received a new patent for their Auto-Pairing Wireless Camera System designed for tractor-trailer applications. According to ASA, this technology will seamlessly pair any combination of cabs and trailers, regardless of fleet size, if they are equipped with Voyager wireless monitors and cameras. Adapter kits can even convert competitors’ older wired systems to be compatible with this new wireless technology.