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Crushing Attachments Run Down

The Okada America, Inc. trommel screening bucket (TMB Series) is ideal for screening C&D debris out of soil and sand to make recycling efficient and keep dumping requirements to a minimum. The TMB Series features two-way drum rotation or operation in a single direction with a drum rotation speed that can be fine-tuned. The TMB Series is offered in four sizes for carriers ranging from 6 to 40 tons.

MCP Series hydraulic pulverizers

The MCP Series of hydraulic pulverizers are designed rugged and lightweight, and are ideal for secondary demolition and for the recycling of concrete. These units can be used to demolish concrete fl oors or low-wall, and provide the benefits of low noise and vibration, good fragmentation and good separation of steel wire from concrete material.

Stationary and portable boom systems

The MRH Series is the latest in BTI’s series of rockbreaker systems, offering numerous design enhancements and benefits. The MRH is offered in three models ranging from 16 to 25 feet, with eight different hammer options, and can be installed in stationary or portable tower configurations. Mobile boom systems, such as the model MRH25-VZ50 unit, can be mounted on crusher plants, and because of their low profile, these units can remain mounted on the crusher for road transportation and are ideal for mobile rockbreak-ing and recycling operations. According to BTI, the addition of a boom system contributes to both operational efficiency and personnel safety.

High-powered breaker with extra long stroke design

The BXR150 hydraulic breaker, at 15,000 ft-lbs, is designed for rugged, continuous duty in demanding breaking applications. It offers an extra long stroke design which improves the power-to-weight ratio, providing the widest carrier range (120,000 to 220,000 pounds) and power available. Precise tolerances between the piston and cylinder provide high efficiency, blow rate and power, and large cross-section upper and lower shock absorbing isolators reduce vibration feedback to the carrier. BTI’s exclusive front head restraint system tightly guides the front head within the housing, reducing loading to the tie rods and the upper portion of the breaker, and a narrow box housing design is well suited to tight trenching conditions.


Designed for stable high-speed percussion, Breaker Technology’s BT Series of Hydraulic Breakers include large diameter, high-strength tie rods, a sealing system, smooth piston finish, and a piston chamber designed for long seal life and optimal lubrication.

Hydraulic shears

The SH series of Hydraulic shears are designed to provide a powerful and efficient means for cutting steel beams and rebar, crush concrete, as well as pick up and sort various materials.

Interchangeable jaws

Breaker Technology’s (BTI) MS Series of Hydraulic Multi-Systems are available in four models suitable for a carrier range of 26 to 110,000 pounds, as second member, and40,000 to 165,000 pounds as third member.

Interchangeable jaw sets

Breaker Technology’s (BTI) MS Series of Hydraulic Multi-Systems are available in four models suitable for a carrier range of 26,000 to 110,000 pounds, as second member, and 40,000 to 165,000 pounds as third member. (MS40R shown here with pulverizer jaw set.) Interchangeable crusher, pulverizer, shear, plate shear and demolition jaws allow tool configuration without the need for a dedicated tool for every demolition job. All units are equipped with 360-degree rotation and feature replaceable cutting blades and replaceable heavy duty teeth, which are fast and easy to change, and eliminate the need to build-up and hardface in the field.

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