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MB to show special line of products dedicated to recycling at Ecomondo trade fair

The management of the waste generated by construction and demolition has become an important issue -- a subject of debate and often, of dispute. In reality, inert waste is not a problem for worksites. It is and must become a resource. Construction debris, for example, can be processed by MB Crusher machinery and transformed into material ready for re-use on the site itself, or sold for other applications. In this way, companies are no longer compelled to dispose of construction debris at the dump, but can put it back into the work cycle, saving time and earning money.

MB Crusher launches its 4th edition of the MB-S14 screening bucket

According to Italy-based MB S.p.A, the cleaner and more homogeneous the material obtained after a recycling process is, the more value it will have, both economically and ecologically. Being able to use inert materials of quality - or being able to resell them to third-party companies - is now a deciding factor for being competitive. It is precisely for this reason that having in-house machinery such as the highly productive MB Crusher screening bucket, which can quickly select any material that is homogeneous in size, makes all the difference.

The MB revolution crusher bucket reaches fourth generation

MB CRUSHER has announced availability of the BF90.3 S4 Crusher Bucket to the Canadian construction and recycling market. According to the Italy-based manufacturer, the BF90.3 was the first crusher bucket in the world ever made. Designed to handle the most challenging conditions on any site, the BF90.3 is built to be extremely compact and versatile and has been updated and made more powerful over the years. Suitable for all crushing operations,  it maintains the same results in terms of performance with all types of inert material.

MB-LS170 screening bucket taking on industrial waste for German recycler

The use of waste from industrial processes and their re-use in carrying out new projects is nowadays a regular practice for many companies in many countries. Above all, this occurs with a view to the (necessary) creation of a model of sustainable development, founded on the reduction in the consumption of natural resources and the minimization of waste production.

MB grapples built for demolition to minimize noise and dust

The latest MB Crusher grapple model MB-G900 weighs 780 kg, is built in Fara Vicentino-Italy, and is designed to be mounted on excavators with operating weights between 12 and 18 tons. These attachments are ideal for use in IC&I and C&D recycling applications, and are designed to minimize demolition impact, both in terms of noise and dust. The MB-G900 has a capacity of 0.43 cubic meters with closed claws and combines remarkable agility and strong clamping force, which allows operators to easily carry out demolition tasks, including masonry demolition. The unit's closing pressure, depending on the settings, can go from 200 to 400 bar (with a flow rate of 30 liters of oil per minute), while the rotation flow is up to 20 liters per minute (from a minimum of eight ).

MB Crusher Makes Its Mark on the Recycling Revolution

The ongoing renewal of the real estate market and, most importantly, the renovation of numerous decommissioned industrial areas highlight the problem of handling construction and demolition waste. This problem not only arises during the waste material disposal process, it often begins at the construction site, given the need to reduce materials to a size that would facilitate delivery to the landfill or allow them to be reused immediately as a filling material and for foundations. While the more traditional solution ensures high productivity, it poses a series of complex problems related to all the necessary authorizations that must be obtained.

MB crusher buckets key to projects ahead of the 2014 World Cup of soccer

Thanks to a partnership between Brazil-based Grupo Monte Sinai Locação Ltd., MB’s Crusher Buckets and Screening Buckets are being used for the construction of the Arena Pernambuco stadium, ahead of the 2014 World Cup of soccer to be held in Brazil. It all began in 2009 with initial contact between the Group owners, Abinael Manoel and Enoque Manoel De Souza, and MB Area Manager for Brazil, Carlotta Mettifogo.  

MB introduces new quick coupler

MB (Meccanica Breganzese) S.p.A., the Vicenza-based manufacturer of jaw-action crusher buckets, has introduced a new universal quick coupler.  Available in seven versions, for excavator sizes ranging from 7 to 40 tons, MB's Universal Quick Coupling allows for the use of a range of attachments, from crusher buckets to hammers, and from traditional buckets to drills, with very short installation times.  

Jaw-action bucket crushers

Italian-based manufacturer MB S.p.a. offers four basic models of jaw-action bucket crushers, suitable for excavators from 8-ton to over 28-ton classes. Crushed material can be recycled directly on site, and all that is needed is a standard excavator in order to work efficiently. These tools are ideal in demolition and various other applications in construction, as well as for land reclamation, quarrying and mining.

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