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Precision Scale

Address Edmonton: 7217 Girard Road. Edmonton, T6B2C5, Calgary: #7, 10 Wrangler Place. Rocky View, T1X0L7, AB, CA
Phone 1-800-831-5657
Email [email protected]

Precision Scale provides sales and service to weigh anything from a feather to a loaded railway car, and even up to vessels weighing in excess of 1,000,000-lbs. Precision is an Alberta owned company and one of the largest scale companies in Western Canada.

Since 1963, whatever the weighing needs, our experienced and trained staff will bring you innovative and cost effective solutions and service.

Our strength is in our flexibility: allowing us to match our customer's needs with the right product. As an independent scale company we are free to choose from the highest quality scales, components, materials and advanced technologies available. We are constantly exploring new markets and new products to provide practical cost effective solutions to the ever changing requirements of our customers.

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Precision Scale

This short 90 second video showcases the new direction and vision of Precision Scale. Focusing on a new truck scale manufacturing facility and revamped service department, this video will give you a quick glimpse of the exciting things that are happening at Precision Scale.

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