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Address 653 2nd Ave, PO Box 228, Gold Hill, OR, 97525, US
Phone 541-855-1512
Fax 541-855-1165
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Sweed alligator shears are a simple solution to help company’s “clean” or prepare scrap for shredding by removing unwanted fittings or other parts the shredder may not accept. This adds value to the scrap and improves the quality of the processed scrap. Sweed’s alligator shears operate using a variable speed/pressure pump, which allows for fast cycle times while maintaining high cutting forces for tough scrap material. Sweed shears feature a remote foot control unit and incorporate a safety interlock, which immediately opens the jaw at any point in the cycle immediately when the foot is removed from the pedal. Fork pockets are mounted at the base of each shear for ease of mobility, reducing strain on the operator and maximizing production.Simple to operate and easy to maintain, Sweed’s alligator shears handle all types of mild steel, bar, wire and cable, various metal products, plates and tubes. Sweed shears are designed, manufactured and supported in the USA.

Sweed Machinery has attained prominence in recycling equipment in a wide range of industries. Sweed has been known in the recycling industry since 1956, and has taken steps to solidify its manufacturing systems and modernizing its recycling equipment, making them the superior choice by providing: the latest technology, quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and excellent after-sale support.

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