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Magnetic Products, Inc. (MPI), recently added a redesigned Eddy Current Separator (ECS). These new units are engineered to “throw” farther and increase the efficient separation of recoverable product from waste streams.

Proven eddy current technology

MPI’s proven eddy current technology is specifically designed to ensure very high separation rates. According to the company, state-of-the-art system controls and features combined with technological advances result in improved nonferrous metal removal, particularly when trying to separate smaller particles such as aluminium and brass from non-conductive waste streams.

"Scrapping" the scrap removal problem

Removal of scrap metal is a vital, constant and costly function faced by plant managers worldwide. Untimely removal of scrap can endanger workers and damage machinery, and storage of traditional scrap bins on factory floors reduces overall available manufacturing space and is  unsightly. Despite declining monetary and human resources, plant managers must continue to ensure that scrap metal is removed for recycling in a timely and reliable manner. 

Magnetic belt feeder cleans and separates shredded tire

Ideal for tire recyclers and various other recycling operations, MPI’s Magnetic Belt Feeder (MBF) is designed to efficiently convey, separate and sort shredded tire “chips.” Shredded tire remnants travel along the machine’s conveyor. Contaminated chips – those with embedded ferrous contaminant – stick to an integrated magnet pulley located beneath the conveyor belt. Ferrous-free chips drop into a designated hopper located at the end of the conveyor, and contaminated pieces are transported to a separate bin via a chute directed under the MBF.