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Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS)

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Humidity control unit

These new Humidity Control Units (HCU) from Munters Moisture Control Services (MCS) combine cooling and desiccant dehumidification technologies in one energy-efficient system to control dew point temperatures in hot, humid conditions. Units are ideal for use in structural drying, temporary humidity control in building construction, and condensation and corrosion control in surface preparation and coating applications. “The HCU is capable of delivering dew points below 45 degrees in even the highest humidity load conditions. This is done using less energy and providing comfortable outlet temperatures,” said Loyd Krueger, manager of technical projects and safety for MCS. “The system operates cost-effectively because all of the energy required for the regeneration of the desiccant wheel is recovered from the normally wasted condenser waste heat.” Traditional systems first cool the air to reduce its overall moisture content. Then, the air is reheated to lower its overall relative humidity. Munters HCU removeshumidity utilizing a packaged refrigeration system in conjunction with an active titanium silica gel desiccant wheel. The unit operates cost-effectively because the desiccant wheel is regenerated using recycled heat from cooling components. The end result is a unit that controls humidity with a coefficient of performance (COP) that is up to 65 percent higher than a typical air conditioning system. “Use of the HCU can result in as much as 40 percent overall energy savings with delivering temperatures around 70 degrees for typical industrial applications during warm months,” Krueger added.