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Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

255 Gay Street
Sharon, CT
US, 06069

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Waterless coolant introduced to waste and recycling industry at Wastecon 2009

At Wastecon 2009, which took place in Long Beach California, this past September, Evans Cooling Systems’ introduced their waterless engine coolant. Evans’ Heavy Duty Thermal Coolant (HDTC) is engineered to provide fuel savings and lower maintenance costs among a broad range of engine types and applications, including waste management and recycling vehicles. HDTC is a lifetime coolant that never needs replacement as long as contamination by water is avoided. No coolant maintenance and no SCAs are required, and there is less stress on hoses and other plumbing because the system pressure is lower due to no vapour component. HDTC has a higher boiling point – 150 degrees warmer than the operating temperature of most engines – which allows engines to safely operate at higher temperatures. The huge separation of the boiling point from the operating temperature enables raising the fan-on temperature to 230 degrees, which is critical, since fans on heavy-duty diesel engines draw a considerable amount of horsepower and use significant amounts of fuel. According to Evans, a recent year-long test for USA Hauling showed fuel savings of 7.2 percent after using Evans’ HDTC, resulting from a greater than 50 percent reduction in fan-on time. “Evans has learned that fan-on time on waste management vehicles can contribute significantly to fuel consumption, and with our waterless cooling systems we are able to deliver measurable fuel cost savings,” said Mike Tourville, Director of Marketing, Evans Cooling Systems. “Another major benefit of Evans waterless coolant for the waste management industry is lower maintenance costs, as our technology eliminates the corrosion and cavitation caused by water-based coolants – and our coolant never needs to be replaced.”

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